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Murder Defense Lawyers Dupage County, Illinois

dupage county murder defense attorney

A minimum 20 years of prison time is what you are looking at if you face conviction for a murder charge. A longer term or life imprisonment is very much on the radar too. Illinois murder charges can ruin your life. It is obvious that any regular individual is petrified while facing murder charges.

For all we know, you may have been falsely accused, or compelling circumstances were presented before you to make such a choice, or you made a mistake you really regret. Whatever the case, you deserve a second chance and the lawyers at Acosta Law Group will seek that for you.

We will fight for you aggressively, right from the investigation , to the pre-trial to the trial. At every stage, we will try to establish additional evidence in your favor that may lead to dismissal of charges.

Murder charges are complex and intricate and require in-depth expertise, a keen and observant mind and an indisputable set of legal skills. At Acosta Law Group, we have the best of the best lawyers who possess all of these skills.

Defense of Murder Charge

Flawed forensics, pressurized witnesses, altered DNA evidence, absence at the scene of crime, intoxication at the time of crime, mental illness and other defense theories if presented with substantial amount of evidence and research can lead to dismissal of charges. We realize what is at stake for you, and work aggressively to defend you and protect your future.

Our primary course of action obviously involves dropping the charges against you. But at the same time, we keep a back-up of a potentially favorable settlement or bargain that could cushion the damage to a large extent for you, and leave a door open for you to start afresh.

If you or your dear ones are facing murder charges in Illinois, contact us for best legal course of action, and successful outcome. You can always consult other lawyers, but when you come to us for the free initial consultation, you will be convinced that we care for you and will defend you most powerfully and beneficially.