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DuPage County, IL Aggravated Assault Attorney

Assault is a broad term that can include both severe intended battering of an individual to, a mere threat of violence, and everything in between. The accusation itself is a maligning one, that places the accused under severe scrutiny.

Aggravated assault charges are more serious and encompass intentional hiding of identity by the accused. The charges become more grave if the victim is handicapped, aged or a law enforcement officer. The presence of a weapon makes the penalties more harsh and punitive.

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Defense of Assault

A powerful defense of assault requires more than just thorough knowledge of legal procedures. Your attorney must have unshakable faith on you, irrespective of circumstances. He should be objective and analytic and should have the ability to go into the prosecutor’s mind and correctly assess the powerful and convincing lines of argument he will take.

This is what can lend you a winning edge. Our attorneys have honed and perfected this skill with years of experience, and we put it all in use, to frame a tighter and more aggressive case for you.

We set the ball rolling by presenting several plausible defenses including ,but not limited to, accuracy of witness reports, forced confessions from accused, influenced witnesses, inappropriate investigative procedures, and, of course, self defense.

We also offer free initial consultation to help you assess us before we can assess your case.