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Violent Crimes - DuPage County Criminal Defense Lawyer

A violent crime charge is probably the most nerve-wrecking charge to face. The laws of the state and the enforcement agencies will only try to break you down further. You need a highly skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney with you. Whether you anticipated the charges, or they came as a rude shock, Acosta Law Group attorneys will be able to charter out the best possible course of action for you.

As we are all aware, violent crimes like assault, murder, and robbery face the harshest punitive measures. You could even be awarded life imprisonment depending on the nature of your crime.

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Benefits of a Strong Defense

Our attorneys can turn your situation around through their expertise and experience in the legal domain. Expert witnesses, in-depth private examination, reexamination of evidence, and police procedures are only the beginning of our aggressive and intensive defense strategies.

Harsh and humiliating police procedures may leave you shaky and vulnerable. A violent crime conviction, accusation or charge can create complete anarchy in all areas of your life. Your Acosta Law Group attorney will prevent that from happening. Self defense or protecting others is a powerful cause our lawyers, can effectively prove, to dismiss your charges. It may sound unbelievable, but there are other powerful defenses as well to prevent conviction.

A lawyer is necessary in cases of battery, murder, assault, and other violent crimes not just for securing you a strong trial and defending you, but to help you sort out the multitude of legalities that come in such a case.

Even an accusation can turn things around forever. Your career can be finished, especially if you are in a profession that requires special certification.

You can be prohibited to run for public office or posses a firearm. Your family could face stiff suspicion from the police. You can be prohibited from owning or renting a house and will not be able to secure any loans for studies.

Guilty or not, violent crime accusation itself can cause you this much damage. When you hire us we safeguard your life and rights. Call us for free consultation. We promise nothing, except unconditional support through all stages of the case and the most beneficial outcome for you.