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DuPage County, IL Traffic Violation Lawyers

A traffic ticket is hardly ever considered a serious offense. A ticket once in a blue moon is alright. But when you get more than one ticket in a span of 6 months, enforcement agencies tighten the noose around your neck. It is also time to call your traffic violations lawyer.

Illinois traffic violation law states that you may receive a court supervision if you have collected two moving violation tickets in a 12 month period. Three tickets may cause a conviction on your record. Three convictions in a 12 month period will lead to suspension of license.

Heavy fines, raised insurance rates, community service and counseling are other penalties you are looking at. While you can always pay the fine and forget about the ticket, threat to your freedom looms large. If you are in DuPage County, consult Acosta Law Group’s traffic violations lawyer about your tickets, before you have a conviction on your record.

dupage county traffic violations lawyer

When can I get a traffic violation ticket?

Some people often are in doubt regarding traffic violation ticket. Speeding, running a stop sign, seat belt violations, reckless driving, DUI drunk driving, driving without insurance are a few common traffic violations. Few traffic violations get classified as misdemeanors, while others are ascribed the status of felonies.

We have abundance of experience in traffic ticket violation defense. We prepare solid, impenetrable cases to defend your driving privileges.

While you must act to the earliest, when you receive a ticket, sometimes individuals tend to procrastinate. So, in dire circumstances when you discover, you have an unpaid traffic ticket or have already received a notice of suspension, don’t panic.

Contact us, take advantage of our free consultation and protect yourself from losing your driving rights and privileges.