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Illinois laws states that Identity theft is a felony charge. The penalties are harsh and become more severe as the value of the alleged theft increases.

What is identity theft?

Identity theft is said to have occurred when an individual uses some form of identification of a different individual to obtain some resources, credit or services that are not legally his. Exchange of information for money by providing an individual’s identification documents or personal record to another individual is also identity theft. The penalties are equally harsh.

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Identity Theft Defense

The most sensible action when charged with identity theft is to evoke your Miranda Rights and seek legal assistance. Identity theft can be categorized anywhere from a Class 4 Felony to a Class X Felony depending on the value of the goods or services misappropriated. The penalties could include steep fines, and jail time from 4 to 30 years. The sentence outcome is also affected by the person’s identity you have stolen, and your prior criminal records. If you are an immigrant, this can severely affect your immigration status, and residential rights in the United States of America.

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