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Embezzlement Attorney DuPage County, Illinois

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Embezzlement is a financial crime that simply put, is a property theft. It occurs when an individual who was relegated to look after someone’s property or belongings steals from the money or property for personal benefits. This is considered a financial theft.

Embezzlement is facilitated, as the delegated individual has complete legal access to someone’s property. Using that resource for personal benefit is unlawful. Embezzlement thus becomes a crime that combines theft and breach of trust.

The investigating officer and the state lawyers come down heavily on embezzlement suspects. Embezzlement can occur in both personal and professional circumstances. The background and value of the alleged theft plays a primary role in determination of the penalty charges.

If you are being accused of embezzlement, don’t take the charges lightly. The prosecutor will aggressively fight to get you the heaviest punishment. When you contact Acosta Law Group attorneys, we design an equally powerful defense against the prosecuting party.

Take benefit of our free initial consultation and let us help you. We will patiently listen to your situation and give you a true evaluation of your case, and the most likely outcomes. On the basis of that, we will tell you how to proceed ahead.

What we can do for you?

Acosta Law Group attorneys can provide you the best legal defense in DuPage County. This is primarily because our team comprises of lawyers with exceptional caliber and immense experience. Whether you are being investigated or are already facing charges, don’t wait to contact an attorney. Swift legal action needs to be taken to protect your rights and records.

Many clients have never dealt with enforcement agencies or aggressive prosecutors. We understand this difficult situation. We collate and examine all the evidence constantly. We try to structure a case that will lead to dismissal of charges. We also explore alternative resolutions like restitution, community service, counseling and a reduced sentence.

Though our lawyers usually manage to achieve one of the former verdicts, if the case against you appears too strong , we stay with you till the end. We will negotiate a plea bargain, that makes sure you do not get a raw deal. We care about your future and will make sure that we get you the best possible outcome that results in minimum damage for you.