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Credit Card Fraud Lawyers in DuPage County, Illinois

Credit card thefts are among the most serious larceny and theft crimes. Misappropriating or possessing a stolen credit card can immediately put you behind bars. Credit card thefts and frauds are of such a serious nature because they are associated with other crimes of dangerous disposition.

It is important that you understand your own case, and absorb the level of trouble you are in. You may be charged with grand larceny for stealing a credit card or possession of a stolen card.

On the other hand, if it is discovered that the credit card has a changed name on the front, a different account encoded on the strip or is a false copy entirely, it also results in credit card fraud.

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Why Consult a Lawyer?

Many times you are completely innocent, it is a mere misunderstanding. However, do not expect the prosecutor or police to buy this. Consult a criminal defense lawyer without further delay. Our lawyers will explore and investigate every little detail of your case. We will explain the nuances of the case to you, so you are in the loop at all times, and do not feel lost or exploited at any stance.

We also assure complete confidentiality of your information without any judgment. Be clear that credit card fraud is considered a felony, and you will need a defense lawyer to defend you. With rising financial crimes, prosecutors are striving to strictly punish those who are accused of credit card fraud.

It is imperative that you evoke your Miranda rights, when the police search you and then contact Acosta Law Group attorneys immediately to help you out. We will represent you, design a water-tight defense for you, and see if the charges can be dismissed on any grounds like illegal search by the police.

In the meantime, you need to work with us and keep us abreast of all developments related to the case so that we can protect you and your rights from an aggressive prosecution.

Check Fraud

Financial crimes envelope a large variety of crimes. Fraud by itself involves duping someone or intending to deceit. Check fraud is committed when you pass a bad check, or forge a check. A bad check is one, where the creditor delivers or passes a check, knowing that there are insufficient funds in the account.

These could happen in two possible cases:

  • The issuer’s account with the drawee bank is closed or non-existent, at the time of writing the check.
  • There are insufficient funds in the account for the check to pass. The issuer could not deposit the required amount, even after receiving a notice of the refusal from the drawee bank.

Forged checks involve altering or changing a document without authorization in someone else’s name or a fictitious name. Illegal use of forged checks at banks, or for payment purposes also comprise check fraud.

Legal Counsel and Defense for Check Fraud

Check fraud is considered a serious offense. There are multiple legal and financial implications. If you face charges, do not attempt to give any information, or prove your innocence to the investigating officers. Anything spoken without complete knowledge of the situation can be used against you. Ask for legal counsel and evoke your Miranda Rights. The investigating officer cannot coerce you after that, to volunteer any information.

Speak to an Acosta Law Group’s attorney immediately. At your moment of need, we offer free consultation and assessment of the case. We then use our mammoth experience and resources to charter out the best possible legal course of action.

Our first priority is our client. Our best attorneys come together to devise a plan to drop or reduce your charges. At the same time, we stay prepared for unpleasant surprises and question-answer sessions by the enforcement officers. We know what to answer where and prevent any error or faltering, that could weaken your case.

We do thorough investigation and research and establish various arguments, reinforcing that it was a genuine mistake on your part and there was no intention of committing fraud. We believe in you.

Our excellent and expert attorneys work tirelessly to protect the rights and freedom of each of our clients.