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DuPage County, IL Burglary Defense Attorney

In the state of Illinois, a person is said to have committed burglary when he enters and remains within a building without permission or authority , with the intention of a theft or felony. Use of force or assault is implied in the burglary charges as well.

Penalties include jail time, probation and steep fines. Burglary can be classified into commercial and residential burglary. Burglary is one of those criminal offenses that can be classified either as a felony or a misdemeanor.

Commercial burglary indicates entering a store with an intent to steal something from the store.This can be classified both as a misdemeanor or felony, depending upon the worth of the items under consideration.

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Residential burglary is most often considered as a felony, because it also carries implication of violence and assault on the inmates of the house.

Defense of Burglary Charges

Our Criminal defense lawyers have a successful past record of burglary cases. In their expansive careers, they have manged to get many of our clients’ charges dropped. When you bring your case to us, we will provide you the best legal alternatives and guide you at every step. An essential legal parameter to prove burglary charges is to establish that the trespassing was done with an intent to commit a theft or felony.

The prosecutor needs to prove you guilty beyond any reasonable doubt. In absence of any concrete evidence, like an empty bag, a weapon or an empty wallet, it is difficult for the prosecutor to establish the intent and the event. This opens up doors for the defendant. Our expert attorneys lap up this opportunity and with their legal knowledge, manage to create reasonable doubt.

There are various scenarios that our defendant lawyers have recreated that actually proved that the act of shoplifting or commercial burglary occurred purely unintentionally. Poor health conditions, an over zealous child, a phone conversation, are such genuine reasons that does make your actions look completely unintended and innocent.

We believe that such occurrences could happen to any of us, including our clients. And, we fight for your justice and well-being. Get in touch with us without further delay if you are facing burglary charges. We offer you free first consultation and assess your case in detail for the best possible legal alternative.