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Theft Crime Defense Attorney DuPage County, Illinois

dupage county theft crime attorney

Petty theft, shoplifting, grand theft to embezzlement- all of these come under the umbrella of theft crimes. Few of these are considered misdemeanors, but some of them are categorized as felonies.Your legal course of action will depend upon the classification of your crime. We have dealt with many clients who were dealing with damaging charges of theft crime.

With our legal strategies and help, most have emerged unscathed from the criminal justice system. Our criminal defense attorney will thoroughly investigate your case and provide you effective solutions to mitigate or reduce your charges.

Expansive on-field and in-court experience in theft crime cases enable us to break prosecution’s line of defense, and make your conviction very difficult. However, procrastination and absence of legal counsel can lead you to get convicted. Don’t just bury your head and let the prosecutor run his course.

Understand that in theft crimes, the tougher job is of the prosecutor. He has to establish beyond proven doubt that you were taking possession of someone else’s things or money to permanently keep it away from them. There is no direct way of proving that. We can actually prick holes in their argument and completely discredit your charges.

Any form of conviction will affect your independence, relationships, employment and overall social standing. If you are not a U.S citizen, it will also hold harsh immigration consequences for you.

We offer first consultation free of charge. Approaching us will give you a more clear insight of your case, and where you stand. Contact us without delay and stay a step ahead of the security agencies and the prosecutor. Protect yourself and your rights.