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DuPage County, Illinois Prostitution Solicitation Lawyer

Prostitution is called the oldest profession in society. Yet the stigma attached to it continues. Prostitution and solicitation of prostitution are considered criminal offense, and if you face any of those charges, the penalties are high.

The legalities involved in prostitution charges are complex. Though prostitution involves exchange of sexual acts for money, there are many ancillary acts involved in the trade that are being considered punishable as well. These are usually categorized as misdemeanors and may be punishable up to 6 months in jail and fines of up to $1000.

If you are charged with any of these crimes, contact a criminal defense lawyer immediately.

dupage county prostitution lawyer

Seriousness of the Offense

Both parties offering and accepting sexual favors are booked by the law, unless, it takes place in licensed houses of prostitution. To surface and stop prostitution and other related activities, the legal forces are employing undercover strategies like ‘sting’ operations. You may run into such a set-up unknowingly. A rigorous approach is taken against such unsuspecting offenders.

If the person being solicited for prostitution charges is underage, the charges become even more serious. A category E felony charge will be filed and the prosecutor’s case becomes much more stronger.

Ignorance of Prostitution Laws

Law enforcement officers and prosecutors depend on circumstantial evidence, complaints and voluntary witnesses to press charges, and for conviction. Thus, there is often lack of concrete evidence in establishing you guilty. An expert criminal defense lawyer can tap these discrepancies and make a strong defense for you through further investigation and counter -evidence collection.

Many a times individuals are unaware of the illegal nature of prostitution. They believe it prevails and so it’s legal. While this is the case in certain states and under certain restrictions, it is dangerous to indulge in any such undertaking without complete knowledge.

We take a different approach to such cases and try to present alternate theories and explanations to prove your innocence and nullify the case against you.

A prostitution charge is not just a legal jeopardy but also puts you in an embarrassing position in society. With our skilled attorneys representing you, you can expect confidentiality of your details and also avoid going to the court on the set date. We will represent you, and work to get your charges dropped, or to achieve the next best possible outcome.