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DuPage County, IL Sex Crimes Defense Attorneys

Sex crime charges are one of the harshest charges an individual can face. The scary bit is that, the ratio of false convictions is highest in sex crimes. Sex crime charges demand that you consult an exceptionally qualified attorney who has a proven track record in such cases. Acosta Group Lawyers assure you the strongest defense in DuPage County in these critical cases.

dupage county sex crime attorneys

How Can We Help You?

It is not just losing rights and a very long imprisonment that you are looking at when you face sex crime charges. Sex crime charges entitle you to complete destruction of reputation, severe difficulty in employment, education and housing prospects, and accusatory glances everywhere you go. Your family members won’t be spared either. Pointed fingers and whispered tones will become their constant companion. They may face problems in various aspects of life too. Do you really want to live with that?

The answer is an imperative no. The answer is also, an aggressive defense attorney who has a thorough and water-tight defense, who can see through and punch holes in even the strongest of prosecutor’s attacks. You will find such zeal,knowledge and aggression in our lawyers to defend you. We will perform thorough examination of your case and put up arguments and evidence that acquit you without a trial. However, we also stay completely prepared for a trial. We will present all our evidence systematically, which includes detailed forensic and DNA reports, psychological reports, perceived causes of accusation, private investigator reports and more. We will fight for you.

It’s a battle till the end for us, and it is only over ,when we either get your name cleared by securing you a ‘not guilty’ verdict, or provide you with the next best possible outcome.