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Retail Theft / Shoplifting - DuPage County Defense Attorney

So you decided to indulge in some retail therapy, you feel satisfied and content walking out of the store with your shopping bags in hand. And then before you realize, you are stopped, held back and searched by a man in uniform- the loss prevention officer. You have been accused of shoplifting. You feel humiliated. You know you are an honest citizen who would intend no harm to anybody, yet this happens to you.

We have seen our clients narrate and share it all. As retail theft or shoplifting defendants, we understand your situation. We do not consider you as criminals. We associate with you to untangle this difficult situation.

Shoplifting automatically leads to detention and filing of an official report. The store security will also be alarmed. These occurrences might leave you startled and insulted. However, overcome the initial panic and choose the best course of action for yourself.

retail theft & shoplifting lawyer dupage county

Consult a Lawyer

Seek assistance of a qualified local lawyer without delay. Acosta Law Group attorneys have ample experience to handle such cases and are always accessible. We understand that such an event could cause a permanent black blot in your personal records. This one deed can impact you at every turn of life, whether it is getting admission in a school, securing a job or obtaining licenses.

Our first approach hence will be to collate all our efforts to prevent a criminal conviction for you. We mange to secure dismissal of charges for most of our clients. Our sharp and qualified lawyers locate all possible discrepancies in the prosecutor’s argument and fight for dismissal, owing to insufficiency of evidence or wrong arrest by security.

However, if the magnitude of the act is reported to be very high or our client is a second time offender, we try to employ the next best alternative. By finding significant drawbacks in the prosecutor’s agreement we devise solutions that are most beneficial for you. These may include a non-criminal compromise with the store, restitution,alternative disposition, conditional dismissal, reduction to non-theft offenses and more.

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Making us your defense attorneys can be the best thing you can do post such an incident. We offer a pre-case consultation absolutely free of any charges. Take prompt action and don’t let this embarrassing incident stop you from living your life.