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Probation Violations - DuPage County, IL Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Probation is a temporary relief for most who receive a ‘guilty’ verdict. Though the conditions of probation are difficult, it is still an opportunity to rebuild your life and prevent jail time. But what happens when you are charged with probation violation?

Suspended sentences are revoked. You may have to serve jail time or pay steep fines. The length of your probation can be extended. You will have to deal with the probation officer who keeps a hawk-like watch on you for an even longer period now. There may also be many additional penalties imposed on you.

You have an opportunity to avoid such outcome. With our expansive and varied probation violation cases experience, we will help you secure the best possible outcome. Before we proceed,we should understand what usually comprises probation violation.

  • Not performing the requisite number of hours in community service. Missing community service for unproductive or simply entertaining session.
  • Creating trouble or testing positive during random drug tests.
  • Objecting to random searches by probation officer, including home, work station or vehicle searches. Probationers are not covered under Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable searches.
  • Remaining unemployed during tenure of probation. One of the primary conditions of probation remains staying employed for the probation period. Losing of job due to misconduct or offensive undertakings at the work place leads to probation violation.
  • Committing any crime or mere association with criminals could also sum up to probation violation.
  • Possession of arms and ammunition are also considered violation of probation, especially if you are under arrest for use of force or weapons.

Probation violation cases become especially difficult to defend as the prosecutors in a probation revocation do not need to prove that the probationer violated a condition beyond reasonable doubt.

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If you get charged with probation violation, get in touch with Acosta Law Group’s qualified and experienced lawyers. You will need lawyers at every step of the process. Your attorney will advise you on the proceedings. He will also have first -hand experience with local probation officers, courts and prosecutors, which will help in deriving better outcome, and reduce your chances of securing probation revocation.

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