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DuPage County, Illinois Order of Protection Attorney

dupage county order of protection

Orders of protection, or restraining order was originally designed to provide protection to an individual who is a victim of domestic battery or has been threatened of some harm. The legal ramifications of this order for the accused could be immense.

If say, your ex-partner has issued an order of protection against you, you have to stay away from that individual in all situations. The document also disallows you from meeting your children. Now imagine facing these disturbing consequences, even though you have done nothing wrong. Like all other legal instruments, Orders of protection too have been highly abused in the country.

DuPage County is no exception. As experienced and qualified lawyers, we will protect your rights. We will provide you with strong defense that will nullify the alleged victim’s claims. We do this, because we believe in you. We also provide strategies to broaden your rights during the on-going procedure.

Our criminal defense attorneys excel in noticing the loopholes in the complaint which include the aggressive police pressure on the victim to file an order of restraint, and the consequent results. What the normal eye misses, is picked up by our lawyers.

They go into the depth of the case and emerge successful at getting the orders of protection vacated. We can proudly say that our record in doing so has been impressive.

So if you receive a order of restriction in DuPage County, do not panic or feel overwhelmed. Contact us immediately. We offer free consultation to our clients. We understand the intensity of the situation and your state of mind. Our services extend beyond legal consultations. Our lawyers stand by you to support you, keep you going and protect you reputation and standing in society.