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Dupage County, Illinois Juvenile Law Lawyers

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In the state of Illinois, all criminal offenses conducted by individuals below the age of 17 are regarded as juvenile crimes. Though the accused do not get labeled as criminals immediately, and the trials are conducted in separate juvenile courts, the penalties for delinquent acts are very serious.

If you or your adolescent is charged with juvenile delinquency, approach an expert juvenile lawyer now. Felony criminal charges of drug possession and trafficking, assault and sexual crimes can lead to severe penalties. The case might also be shifted to the adult court, if the prosecutor argues his case very aggressively.

Our criminal defense lawyers will work steadfastly to ensure your child’s future is not tarnished and the charges against him are dropped. We will study and explore every legal option available to you and ensure that your child does not receive harsh criminal penalties.

We provide legal consultation and services across different areas of juvenile crime.


Juvenile Drug Crimes

Juvenile drug crimes include drug possession, trafficking, sale, manufacture and use of illegal narcotics. These hold serious consequences.

Our dedicated team of lawyers burn the candle at both ends to ensure that no permanent records are established. This is a difficult feat to achieve and especially challenging when the juvenile is involved in drug manufacture and distribution.

But, with our successful record,we can make this happen for you. We also try to minimize the blow for the child as much as possible by mitigating jail time and fines. Instead we focus on offering productive alternatives like counseling, rehabilitation and in extreme cases, probation. The earlier you contact us, the better the chances of the charges getting countered successfully, and ultimately dismissed.

Juvenile Assault and Sex Crimes

Being convicted for an assault or sex crime, and having that in your personal records can cause too many impediments all through your life. Scholarships, loans, employment are just a few areas of life that will be adversely affected. Besides serving a tough sentence, the child will also have to bear the social stigma all his life.

To avoid these life-damaging consequences, work with us. We will aggressively defend your adolescent and counter all police and persecutor strategies effectively.