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DuPage County, Illinois Expungement Attorneys

An expungement lawsuit is gaining popularity for various reasons, Expungement enables an individual to make his arrest a non-public record. Your arrest record is erased from government offices like State Attorney’s offices and, Local Law Enforcement Agencies. Your arrest gets converted from a public to a non-public record.

Our expungement lawyers help you to completely clear your records. We attempt to ensure your expungement case works out in a way, that there is absolutely no evidence remaining of your conviction or arrest.

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Why chose Expungement over Sealing records?

Expungement is a better option than sealing records as it minimizes all chances of record retrieval. Your record cannot be accessed by anyone,even by court order. This empowers you to deny any prior convictions, especially in sensitive and decision-making situations. After expungement, you can truthfully deny having any criminal record, in situations that matter. These include:

  • Getting a job
  • Getting a loan and housing
  • Adoption of children
  • Volunteering
  • Federal assistance
  • Interpersonal relationships
Limitations of Expungement

Expungement is a brilliant legal opportunity. However, there are certain clauses that come with it.

  • Expungement primarily addresses criminal records.
  • In some cases, an individual cannot apply for expungement unless the relevant rehabilitation period is over.
  • The F.B.I maintains the data about your arrest for official and statistical reasons, post expungement as well. This information is wiped away from all government agencies and not revealed to private citizens or corporations. However, there are some agencies that the information can be delivered to. These fall within the exceptions of disclosure.
  • There are some criminal records that can only be sealed, not expunged. Also, there are some state laws that allow only sealing of records, not expungement.

Work With Us

Fortunately, expungement is permitted in DuPage County, Illinois.Expungement is a lengthy and complicated process. There will be ample forms to fill that will require technical and legal assistance. The processing of the forms need to be done. Court appearances are also required, till the judge gives his decision.

Have an expert DuPage County lawyer by your side, who will help you take maximum advantage of the sealing and expungement laws. Avail our expert assistance and guidance at every step to erase your criminal record once and for all.