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DuPage County DUI Attorneys

We are experienced DuPage County DUI lawyers we have handled thousands of DUI’s.

A DUI can carry harsh and crippling penalties when compared to other crimes.  For that reason, it is important to take the time to understand some of the basics surrounding a DUI charge.  As DuPage County DUI attorneys,  we have compiled a list of sections that will help you understand the basics of DUI crimes as well as possible DUI defenses.

DUI – Driving Under The Influence Charges

What is a DUI?

You can learn here.

What are the types of DUI?

In Illinois, there are six types of DUI, you can learn more @ The Illinois Vehicle Code and The Illinois Driver Licensing Law.

DUI cases always get the attention of the public. They are complicated and have administrative and criminal aspects associated with them. To deal best with DUI charges, experienced and trained attorneys are often required.

What are the Common DUI Defenses?

What are the penalties for a DUI?


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How to Choose a DUI Attorney?

Pick a DUI attorney after thorough research. Make sure your lawyer has conducted many DUI jury trials and has an impressive track record in having DUI charges dropped and / or reduced. We have conducted several DUI jury trials and have achieved many ‘not guilty’ verdicts for our clients. The firm and attorney should be one, who has prior experience in dealing with cases similar to yours.

Ensure you explain every detail of your case to your attorney. It will prepare them much better for the case if they have ALL the facts. What you confide in your lawyer stays undisclosed and protected under the attorney-client privilege.

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