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DuPage County, IL Drug Trafficking Attorney

 dupage county drug trafficking lawyers

If you are caught in drug trafficking, you are looking at multiple years in prison and steep fines. A marred reputation and difficulty in all aspects of life will automatically follow.

State and federal laws control the delivery and distribution of drugs and illegally controlled substances. It is considered a criminal activity to sell, transport or import these substances without exemption permits.

With years of experience in drug trafficking cases, we have developed a thorough understanding of the drug distribution laws. Federal sentencing guidelines state that mere possession of illegal substances could also be considered as drug trafficking in certain circumstances. You will face charges of possession with intent to distribute. This is problematic because this occurs even if you were in no way involved in the manufacture, buying, selling or transport of these drugs.

All drug distribution offenses are felonies and have severe penalties and sometimes, mandatory jail-time. Even first time convictions can result in prison sentences of 8-10 years. For repeated offenders, life sentences are also possible for drug trafficking convictions.

State drug trafficking conviction fines are usually between $25,000 to $90,000. Federal conviction fines are much higher. The mandatory minimum sentence rule around drug trafficking, make it all the more necessary for you to appoint an attorney who can work with zeal and passion to get your charges dismissed. Sale of controlled substances, prescription drugs (illegally), Oxycontin and amphetamines also come within the realm of drug trafficking.

For a crime of such serious nature, you need a committed and aggressive set of defendants. Our dynamic and brilliant set of lawyers have extensive insight into drug trafficking, owing to their vast experience in similar cases.

We look for alternative resolutions of your charges so that you do not have to serve any jail time or part with heavy sums of money. We bestow complete faith in you and strive to provide you with the best and most competent legal solutions. We also advise you actively on ways for dismissal of the charges or expungement of records.