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Drug Sales Charges DuPage County, Illinois

dupage county drug sale defense lawyer

Drug sales are considered a more serious offense than drug possession, as it will affect a larger number of people. The penalties and laws also get more harsh. When you are facing such serious charges, you will need immediate attorney representation. Book an appointment with a lawyer and take help of his legal expertise.

In drug dealing and sales cases, the penalties you could be looking at depends on the position of drugs on the Schedule of Controlled Substances.

Schedule drugs range from I to V. Schedule V drugs distribution and sales entail you to the least severe punishment. However, even that could get you 2 to 10 years of jail-time. To build a successful defense, it is important you understand the gravity of the case. Only an active and expert drug defense lawyer can help you grasp the seriousness of the situation and present you with the best legal options.

Our criminal defense lawyers review every aspect of your case and enumerate seizure violations from the police, accepted medical use, and other variables within your case that can make your defense stronger. Our foremost goal is to secure you minimum or no penalty and devise effective strategies to protect your rights and quality of life.