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Drug Offense Attorney DuPage County, Illinois

Different states have different laws for drug related crimes. The consensus is, that, drug-related offenses have to be dealt with severely. Drug offenses include possession, trafficking, manufacture, sale and use of drugs and illegal substances. Selling of prescription drugs , use and distribution of medically permitted Amphetamines also have serious consequences.

According to the laws of the respective state, a drug offense is characterized either as a misdemeanor or a felony.

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Seriousness of the Crime

Due to the rampant use of narcotics, few of us mistakenly believe that drug charges are casual and do not have dire consequences. Drug felonies and misdemeanors are among the most strictly penalized and sentenced U.S. crimes and cannot be taken lightly.

An expert private lawyer is what you need for a strong defense and acquittal. Minor drug offense charges can also lead to loss of driver’s license, employment and a permanent black mark on your personal record.

Our veteran drug defense lawyers work diligently to prevent our clients from getting jail-time, and federal filing. We study every detail of your case, use strong drug defense strategies, backed by relevant forensic research to either get your charges dismissed or considerably reduced.

We will vigorously work with you to get you the best outcome when you are charged with any of the following drug offenses:

Consequences of Domestic Battery Charges
  • Drug Possession
  • Drug Trafficking
  • Drug Manufacturing
  • Drug Distribution or Intent to Distribute
  • Juvenile Drug Possession
  • Use of Illegal Substances
  • Use and Sale of Prescription Drugs

Take action quickly, use our expertise and experience to face the aggressive legal action that the state and federal agencies will take. Let us help you to retain your rights, and ace the legal battle.