Hiring A DUI Attorney – 6 Tips to Find the Right Lawyer

DUI attorney

Driving under influence (DUI) is a serious offense that could lead to your driver’s license getting revoked and / or to you serving jail time. When in a legal soup, it is always best if you can consult a legal expert who will be able to guide or coach you, or be responsible for all your legal work. Continue reading Hiring A DUI Attorney – 6 Tips to Find the Right Lawyer

Is A DUI Defense Attorney Worth the Cost?


Almost 30 people die in the U.S. every day due to car crashes involving driving under influence (DUI). This equivalents to one death in the country every 51 minutes. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, driving under influence related car crashes cost more than $59 billion each year. The problem is really big. Continue reading Is A DUI Defense Attorney Worth the Cost?

Five Sex Crime Defenses

“ Sex crime…who me? You can’t arrest me, I haven’t done anything. What are you talking about?”

It may seem completely convoluted, and crazy to you. You may be completely innocent, and unaware of the charges, but the authorities are not going to believe that you haven’t committed the crime. Sex crime allegations and accusations are very difficult to defend. You are practically declared guilty even before a trial begins. Continue reading Five Sex Crime Defenses

Case Results


People v. A. P.   (March 2017)

Aggravated Unlawful Use of a Weapon. Cl. 4

The Defendant was driving his vehicle and after a traffic stop the officers found out he was carrying a gun. He was charged with this serious weapons charge.

The Defendant hired Mr. Acosta. Mr. Acosta sets the case for trial and after hearing the evidence the Judge finds the defendant NOT GUILTY OF ALL CHARGES!